Statutory Sick Pay increases from April 2023 to £109.40

Following the government Autumn Statement on 17th November 2023 and the indication that benefits would rise by 10.1%, the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) weekly rate is to increased by 10.127% from £99.35 to the higher weekly amount of £109.40. The new rate will s applicable to relevant qualifying sickness days from 6th April 2023.

The qualifying average weekly earnings requirement remains frozen at £123.

The COVID19 temporary arrangement have been withdrawn for sometime, SSP is not from day 1 sickness and there is no longer a recovery of monies paid from the government.

For many that do not receive Occupational Sickness, the weekly rate will still be reviewed as being of low value.

PAYadvice.UK 1/12/2022

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