The Kings Speech – Nov 2023

The first Kings Speech in 70 years to the UK parliaments took place in the House of Lords on Tuesday 7th November 2023. The King announced the upcoming programme of the government.

My Ministers will take steps to make the economy more competitive, taking advantage of freedoms afforded by the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

King Charles III

The speech outlines the various Bill that are proposed to be progressed through Parliament.

We are introducing new legislation to grow the economy, increase energy security, bring in investment, create jobs, improve skills and boost our brilliant innovators and entrepreneurs – helping people everywhere seize new opportunities which will make their lives better.

Rishi Sunak – Prime Minister

Announcements were made in relation to:

    • Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill
    • Trade (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership) Bill
    • Automated Vehicles Bill
    • Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill
    • Data Protection and Digital Information Bill
    • Media Bill
    • Arbitration Bill
    • Draft Rail Reform Bill
    • Tobacco and Vapes Bill
    • Leasehold and Freehold Bill
    • Renters (Reform) Bill
    • Football Governance Bill
    • Pedicabs (London) Bill
    • Holocaust Memorial Bill
    • Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill
    • Economic Activities of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bills
    • Sentencing Bill
    • Criminal Justice Bill
    • Investigatory Powers (Amendment) Bill
    • Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill
    • Victims and Prisoners Bill

So what about employment and payroll?


There were limited direct effects on employment and employment law in the announcements made although a number of government announcements are expected in relation to the exiting of the European Union (EU).

Pay and payroll

The were no immediate direct announcements in relation to pay and payroll, so eyes will focus towards announcements surrounding the 22nd November Autumn Statement.


The current government has limited time to make change, yet we saw one of the longest speeches setting our a programme before the next general election. Will all be delivered will have to be seen. There not much here for payroll professionals. Looking now to the Autumn Statement and associated April 2024 changes.

PAYadvice.UK 8/11/2023

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