Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Calculator

Use the calculator to work out the figures you’ll need when you complete an online claim through the scheme. It’s aimed at organisations with a small number of employees.

It won’t work for employees who:

  • receive any top-up pay in the claim period
  • returned from statutory leave such as maternity leave in the last three months
  • get director’s payments have been transferred under TUPE
  • have been employed at separate times throughout the year
  • receive employer pension contributions outside of an auto-enrolment pension scheme

If you cannot use this calculator, work out what you can claim manually using the calculation guidance or seek professional advice.

It’s your responsibility to check that the amount you’re claiming for is correct.

How it works

The calculator will work out the amounts you need to enter in the claim form.

These are:

  • gross amount paid to a furloughed employee
  • employer National Insurance contributions
  • employer minimum auto-enrolment pension costs

It will also give you a breakdown of the calculations for each pay period for one employee.

PAYadvice.UK 20/4/2020

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