Job Support Scheme Open – temporary working agreements

*Update* On Thursday 5th November 2030, the UK government confirmed a further extension of CJRS until the end of March 2021 the JSS introduction is delayed.

To be eligible for the grant employers must have written agreements with their employee (or written collective agreement with a trade union) that they have offered a temporary working agreement. This temporary working agreement must cover at least seven consecutive days.

Employers should discuss with their staff and make any changes to their employment contract by written agreement. When employers are making decisions, including deciding to whom they should offer reduced hours, equality and discrimination laws do continue to apply.

Employers must maintain records relating to the terms of the temporary working agreements and:

  • make sure that the agreement is consistent with employment, equality and discrimination laws
  • keep a written record of the agreement for 5 years
  • keep records of how many hours employees work and the number of usual hours they are not working
  • this agreement must be made available to HMRC on request

HMRC will publish further guidance on what to include in the written agreement by the end of October.

ACAS JSS agreement letter templates

ACAS have published agreement letter templates, free for employers to use.


Employers need to work rapidly to bring in process and procedures to operate JSS Open which commences on Sunday 1st November 2020.

Put in place written (legal) agreements with your workforce if you are going to utilise government grant and qualify due to the impacts of #COVID19.

You must keep evidence of the agreement for 5 years and be prepared to show HMRC.

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