Returning to the workplace – ACAS #coronavirus #COVID19

With the start of flexible furlough from 1st July 2020, employers will be planning ways of bringing their workforce back into the workplace. Although home working may become a partial norm, business premises will start to open and commence an establishment of a new working norm!

ACAS publish guidance for employers on steps and suggested measures to enable workers to return.

It’s important that employers talk to staff as early as possible about when they can return to the workplace. Staff should continue to work from home if they can.

The guidance covers:

  • Planning to return to work
  • Making the workplace safe
  • Discussing plans with staff
  • If someone does not want to return
  • And raising an issue

The 1st July is not far away, the workplace requires readying, rotes and arrangements put in place, decisions to determine furlough arrangements, identifying “usual hours”, “reference pay”, “claim periods”, and then the need to correctly apportion wages and furlough.

PAYadvice.UK 16/6/2020

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