Missed the Thursday 14th January 2021 claim deadline

If an employer didn’t submit their December furlough claims by the deadline of 14 January, HMRC may still accept it if there is a reasonable excuse for not claiming by the deadline, such as self-isolating, or an unexpected stay in hospital that prevented completing a claim.

If the reason means you can claim late, do so as soon as you’re able to, and note that reasonable excuses only apply to late claims for periods from November onwards.

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If an employer has already submitted claims for December but needs to make a change because they didn’t claim enough, they can do this until Thursday 28th January 2021.

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What an employer needs to do now

  1. If they haven’t submitted a claim for December but believe that they have a reasonable excuse, check if they can apply to make a late claim on GOV.UK.
  2. Check they claimed the right amount in December by looking at the eligibility criteria and calculating how much they can claim on GOV.UK.
  3. Submit any claims for January no later than Monday 15 February.
  4. Keep records that support the amount of CJRS grant claimed, in case HMRC needs to check them. ‌

Making a claim online

To make a CJRS claim, employers will need to be registered and have the required access, password or activation code for:-

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