Summer and seasonal only staff – Pension obligations

Social media groups have seen some questions by employers and payroll on whether there are pension requirement for temporary summer and seasonal workers.

The Pension Regulator has issued guidance for employers of temporary workers to outline the employers legal obligations, choices and activities that are required.

Employing seasonal or temporary staff

If you employ seasonal or temporary staff you must assess them individually every time you pay them. This includes staff who work for you for a few days, a few weeks or several months.

Who do employers need to put into a pension scheme?

Employers must assess their staff to work out who to put into a scheme based on their ages and how much they earn. Even family members need to be assessed.

Any staff that are aged between 22 to State Pension Age and earn over £192 a week, or £833 a month, must be put into a pension scheme.

TPR tools

It’s important to find software that meets the employers needs and you whether it will be compatible with the pension scheme’s systems.

Using postponement

If staff will be working for you for less than three months, the employer can choose to delay working out who to put into a pension scheme. This is known as postponement. Within six weeks from the date after postponement starts, the employer must write to staff individually to tell them what they are doing and how automatic enrolment applies to them.

During any staff member’s period of postponement, employers won’t need to put them into a pension scheme unless the employee expressly asks to be put into one.

PAYadvice.UK 26/8/2023

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