Legislation Update 2021 for payroll – first predictive version released

PAYadvice.UK have issued its first version of the PAYadvice Series Legislation Update 2021. This is a compilation of the changes due for 2021 for the UK and Channel Islands. Some values are predictive and not yet finalised, subject to further confirmation and change.

When further information is confirmed, further editions / versions will be made available.

The UK Westminster Budget is set for 3rd March 2021, and the Scottish Parliament Budget set for 28th January 2021.

Update 10/1/2020 an updated version 21.0a has been made available with some textual updates, revised table formats and a correction to the former PT value.

Update 16/1/2021 an updated version 21.0b has been made available including the HMRC SSP daily rates Version 2 values adjusted for some original rounding irregularities.

Update 23/1/2021 an updated version 21.1 has been made available changing the Pension AE from predicted to confirmed.

PAYadvice.UK 7/1/2021 updated 23/1/2021

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